In beds above, we’re all asleep,
while nightmares stir yet further deep.
The gates will fall, this world will know,
we’ll all succumb to beasts below.

- translated Elven children’s rhyme, origin unknown

It has been two years since the end of The Last War. Life on Khorvaire has been irrevocably changed. While the scions of the Five Nations fought over a bloody crown, nightmares once forgotten stirred in the depths below the battlefield. Gorged on the atrocities of generations of warfare, beasts too horrible to imagine have awakened. The mystic gates that have kept them imprisoned for thousands of years crack under the strain—they will not hold much longer.

In a small corner of war-torn Karrnath, the paths of three unlikely heroes will cross, their destinies intertwined with the fate of all Khorvaire.

Eberron Sleeps, Khyber Stirs